Iranian islands

Secret Spots That You Don’t Want to Miss

When it comes to go on a fun-filled holiday in summer, mostly sun-kissed islands cross our mind.

There are so many lucrative islands in the world which are specially tailored for travelers who want to enjoy summer.

In this piece of word from Iran travel guide center, we’re going to explore the new summer destination which has been kept secret for most of people around the world.

Let’s get to know more about Iranian islands.

New Summer Destination: Islands of Iran

Iran has long been a historical and cultural destination, loved by people who enjoy exploring through history.

However, Iran can be an interesting place for spending summer especially when it comes to its islands.

There are so many great islands located in southern part of Iran. Namely, Kish, Qeshm, Hurmuz, larak, Hengam, Khark, etc.

Iranian islands are mainly located in Persian Gulf.

What makes Persian islands distinctive from the rest is the cosmopolitan and multicultural features.

You get the chance to enjoy natural and wildlife sightseeing as well as water sports.

The Most Popular Islands in Iran

It’s kind of hard to choose which island to visit.

Each one has their own beauties. But, the most popular ones are listed below:

  • Kish Island

Kish island is one of the most beautiful islands in Persian Gulf.

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You can also go swimming or diving in the crystal-clear water of Persian Gulf.

  • Qeshm Island

The largest Iranian islands in Persian Gulf is Qeshm island.

This island is not just about beaches.

There is absolutely perfect natural sightseeing such as

  • Chahkooh Canyon
  • Statues Valley
  • Star Valley
  • Mangrove Forest of Qeshm
  • Salt cave
  • Habitat of Turtles

You see? There are so many great things waiting for you in Iran islands.

Enjoy your next summer in Iran.