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Iran tourism 2020: Are tourists safe in Iran?

At the beginning of 2020, bad news was all over the media about Iran’s government.

U.S government have threatened Iran that they will start a war with Iran.

Consequently, they assassinated General Soleimani, Iran’s top military commander in Baghdad and Donald Trump threatened to target 52 spots in Iran.

As a retaliation to all U.S threats, Iran’s government shot two U.S military bases in Iraq.

After all this tensions between Iran and U.S, unfortunately Ukraine flight 752 crushed at Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran.

All 176 passengers were killed in this tragedy.

This caused a lot of sadness for people in Iran, Ukraine and Canada who were involved in this flight.

Due to simultaneous tragic events, tourists who were planning to visit Iran have canceled their trip.

They started to worry and ask Is Iran safe?

In this article from Iran Travel Guide Center we’re going to discuss Iran tourism 2020 and safety of travelers in Iran.

Is It Safe to Travel to Iran 2020?

Regardless of all the tragic loss in Iran at the beginning of 2020, Iran tourism 2020 has always been among the safest countries to travel.

If you check the 2020 Travel Risk Map published by global risk experts, Iran is listed in the medium risk category, just as safe as Europe.

At first it may sound unbelievable for people who haven’t traveled to Iran yet.

Additionally, a lot of bad news is projected throughout the media about Iran.

However, I suggest you not to believe anything said in the news.

You should talk to tourists who got the opportunity to meet the real country with its kindest and friendliest people.

Fortunately, many tourists from different nations have taken a trip to this beautiful country.

So, it’s not so difficult to find someone to consult with.