Baq-emeli gateway

An Entrance to the Magnificent History of Tehran Attractions

When you arrive to Tehran, the largest city in Western Asia, high-rise buildings will surely attract your attention.

Tehran is a modern city with more than eight million populations.

But I should inform you about the fact that Tehran is more a historical city which takes more than 35 days to visit all Tehran attractions (It also depends on how fast are you!).

Here with Iran travel guide center, we’re going to get acquainted with a must-see gateway that takes us to the history hidden behind it.

What was Baq-e Meli Gateway used for?

Baq-e Meli gateway also known as National Garden is a brick-made gateway which had used to be the symbol of Tehran before Azadi Tower was constructed.

The building was built as a gateway entered Mashq square where military parade used to take place in Qajar era.

Also, it was used as a specific area for army to train.

This gateway had overcome so many disasters, including natural and man-made until 1920 overthrow.

Therefore, by the order of Reza Pahlavi, new gate was constructed by Jafar Khan Kashani and led to the demolition of previous gate.

National Garden Decoration

I hear you’re asking why this gateway is called national garden.

I should tell you that one of Tehran’s first public park had been built there.

So, now that your curiosity is satisfied let’s learn more about its decoration.

Baq-e Meli gateway is decorated with colorful tiles and multiple inscriptions, which is the mixture of Iranian and European architecture style that was popular during Pahlavi era.

The eight-columned structure has three entrance.

Two for pedestrians and one was designed for horsemen.

If you would like to know more about the secrets behind ancient gateway, you should visit this Tehran attraction.