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Useful apps for visiting Iran

Best mobile apps for a traveler are as important as every other piece of equipment he has on his backpack. Are you setting your itinerary to travel to Iran? Have you already packed everything you need? Well, hold on a moment. One important thing that you haven’t put into consideration is the useful apps for visiting Iran that you will surely need once you are there. So, follow this article to the end in order to find some of the best mobile apps ever for traveling to Iran.

First things first: where to get the best mobile apps from?

For Android Users:

to get your hands on most of the Iranian apps, you need an Iranian market. If you are an Android user, Café Bazaar is the most useful app for visiting Iran for you. it is always up to date and all its apps have been checked with Lookout anti-virus. So you can install them without any concern. Some of the Iranian apps are only accessible here.
To install this app, first you need to go to the privacy settings of your phone, and check the “unknown sources” box. Then by clicking on this link, download it and just click on install. To change the language settings of this useful app, click on the cog sign at the top left corner of the screen, and then click on the first button, language. Now you can click on the magnifier icon and start installing some of the best mobile apps made by Iranians, and enjoy using useful apps for visiting Iran. To use this useful mobile app, download and install it by clicking on the links in each title; then open it and wait for the app to load. Then click on the “more” icon on the top right corner of the screen to open the menu, and look for this phrase:” تنظیمات زبان, means “language settings”. It must be the seventh button. Click on it, and on the pop-up menu click on” انگلیسی” which means English, to change the app’s language settings. Now a feel free to use one of the best mobile apps for exploring Iran.

Google Play is another market place for Android users and most of the Iranian apps have been here for download.

For iOS Users:

If you are using iOS, you can use Sibapp for downloading Iranian apps. This Persian market is boasting with useful apps for visiting Iran.

Some of the best ones are as follows:

1. Iran 361

Traveling starts at the moment that you begin to gather information and setting your itinerary. Iran 361 (download here) is one of the best mobile apps which provides you with useful and accurate info about all kind of tourist attractions in Iran, from historical to natural, from recreational sights to religious ones. You can even get info about villages, celebrities, costumes and Iranian beliefs via this app. It also provides you with pictures, descriptions and Google maps location of the places. Make sure you check the comments and share your thoughts about places you visit to help the community of these Useful apps for visiting Iran to grow.

Download link of Iran 361 for Android users:

2. Mr. Bilit

Transportation is always a main concern of the travelers. To know the departure time of trains, buses, and flights and also be able to compare the prices is an important factor in how delightful a travel is going to be! Mr. Bilit is one of the best mobile apps in this matter because it covers all the means of transportation: train, bus and flight. Of course, you need an Iranian credit card in order to purchase the tickets, which you can acquire from the banks by the title of “tourist card” or “gift card”. The only problem is that right now it’s all in Persian, but the developers have promised to add an English language option in near future. But for now, knowing these phrases could help you understand the functions better: قطار: train, هواپیما: Airplane, اتوبوس: bus, داخلی: domestic, خارجی: international مبدا: Origin, مقصد: destination

After download and installing this useful app by clicking on the title link, you see three signs on the first page: a buss, a train and an airplane. Depending on what kind of transportation, click on one of the signs. The first button “مبدا” is your origin; the second one”مقصد” is your destination. The third”تاریخ” is the date in Persian calendar. The next button is for choosing the number of passengers, from left to right it goes: “نوزاد”=baby, “کودک’=child, “بزرگسال’=adult. And then click on the green button to find your ticket.

Download link of Mr. Bilit for Android users:

Download link of Mr.Bilit for iOS users:

3. Snapp

It is travelers curse to get ripped off every time they try to get a cab in a foreign country. Until Uber, one of the best mobile apps ever, was invented. In Iran, there’s a domestic version of it available but with exact same functions. Snapp is a web based taxi service, but what make it the best mobile app in this field is it’s easy to use UI and its vast area of coverage. Installing this app must be the first thing you do once you’re in Iran. You can get more info about it, and directions on how to install and use it on a related article, named “ride hailing apps in Iran”

Download link of Snapp for Android users:

Download link of Snapp for iOS users:

4. Foursquare

It’s always better if you have friends with when you are exploring city attractions. But even if you don’t have them with you, you might have them on you, in your pocket. Whether you are on the road or just at home, Foursquare is designed for finding the best place for your taste. From Restaurants to Cafés, from clubs to swimming pools. Also, you can check out places that your friends have been to, and recommend your favorite ones to your friends. Don’t forget that all these communities based useful apps for visiting Iran need your contributions and comment to grow.

Download link of Foursquare for Android users:

Download link of Foursquare for iOS users:

5. Metro and BRT guide app

Although public transportation is a fast and cheap way to commute in large cities such as Tehran city, it’s really easy to get lost in their vast routes and alternatives. Tehran Metro is one of the best mobile apps that can help you find your way easier. You can get this for both Android and iOS, it’s easy to install and use. Also what makes this app the best mobile app is that it provides you with a path finder and directions on the map. Once you install this app, just click on the line that you are on to see the stops. To use the path finder, click on “more” button and enter your origin and destination. After clicking on the magnifier button, the path will be provided for you.

Download link of Tehran metro for Android users:

Download link of Tehran Metro for iOS users:

BRT is a kind of fast and public transport in Iran. It is the abbreviation of “Bus Rapid Transit network in Iran“.

As for the BRT system, Tehran BRT app will come in handy. After download and install it, click on the “more” button and then click on “تنظیمات” after that click on the only available choice and choose English.

Now the app is all in English and you can click on every BRT line to see the stops.

Download link of Tehran BRT for Android users:

Download link of iStation for iOS users:

6. Translator Speak and Translate Pro

“Translator Speak and Translate Pro” is one of the best apps for translating the spoken conversation between languages.

After picking the language pair you’d like to use, each person simply speaks in their native language. This useful app deals with the translation with surprising accuracy and reads the translation in the other language aloud.

You can also look up words and phrases using your voice, and save common translations in the Phrasebook to use as needed. If you are a traveler who seeks to communicate with locals in every country and wants to understand them clearly and easily, this would be the best mobile app for you to do so.

Although this app isn’t free, the features on this app are way better than any other free app available and they make this into one of the most useful apps for visiting Iran.

Download link of Translator Speak and Translate Pro for Android users:

Download link of Translator Speak and Translate Pro for iOS users:

The list of the most useful apps for visiting Iran is finished here.
Armed with these, there is little that can stop you from enjoying your trips. Safe journey!

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