iran’s national jewelry museum

Iran’s national jewelry museum: A collection which is priceless

An incomparable treasury of Iran’s national jewelry museum is the collection of the most valuable crowns and jewels in the world that have been collected over the centuries.

Every piece in national jewelry museum is a reflection of the glorious history of Persian kingdoms.

An amazing fact about this collection is that no experts can estimate the value of Iran national jewelry.

There are so many dazzling pieces of jewels rested in the window-less vault that you definitely don’t want to miss.

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Jewelry museum of Iran: Astonishing Jewels

Iranians were interested in designing and collecting various kinds of jewels.

Archeological excavations in different parts of Iran have proved this claim.

However, there is no definite information about the quantity of these treasures before Safavid dynasty.

Monarchs in Safavid era began to collect rare and precious gems with the contribution of their stone specialists.

Over the time, priceless crowns and jewelry added to this collection.

Fortunately, you have the chance to visit one of the most valuable jewels in the Jewelry Museum of Iran including:

  • Pink colored diamond of Darya-ye-Noor (182 Carats)
  • The Peacock Throne which was built during the reign of Fathali Shah consisted of twelve different pieces with 26,733 pieces of jewels attached to it
  • A golden globe of Naseredin Shah, with 34 kg of pure gold, having 51,366 pieces of jewels and weighing 3,656 grams

The above mentioned treasures are just a small example of this magnificent jewelry museum.

I guess you want to take advantage of this opportunity and take a look at this national treasure. Iran national jewelry is located in Tehran, Ferdowsi Avenue and is open to public.