iranian crown jewels value

Iranian Crown Jewels Value: Dazzlingly Beautiful National Jewels of Iran

When you enter the Iran’s jewelry museum, at first you might feel frightened due to the window-less concrete-walled vault which is a home for the most valuable ancient Persian crowns and jewels of all time.

This beautiful collection which is located in big city of Tehran, has even made expert’s jaws drop.

Because even they couldn’t estimate the Iranian crown jewels value.

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Dazzling Jewels in National Jewelry Museum of Iran

Everything you see in the national jewelry museum dates back to many decades (even centuries for some pieces) ago.

From Safavid era, monarchs began to collect valuable gems and jewels.

Most of the gems in this collection were collected by Nader Shah including the crown jewels taken by the Afghans.

In the time of Pahlavi, Mohammad Reza Shah was very interested in precious pieces of jewelry.

He kind of spoiled his wife and family at some point.

The story of the making of empress Farah’s crown by Van Cleef and Arpels is fascinating.

The centerpiece a spectacular 150-carat hexagonal emerald, engraved with lines, and a matching shell-shaped emerald below it.

While the Shah’s crown which is another knockout piece made of 3,380 diamonds totting up to 1,144 carats, the central stone a 60-carat yellow diamond from which the rays of the sun fan out.

As you can imagine, there are wide variety of enormous jewels and gemstones especially crowns and tiaras in the treasury of national jewels that you think wistfully what would it be like to try one, even for a split second!

But, unfortunately you can’t.