ika airport

IKA Airport; One of the Best Iran airports and the Middle East

Imam Khomeini International Airport is the main airport of Iran which is responsible for handling international flights.

Along with Mehrabad International Airport which serves all domestic flights, these two airports are the primary airports of Tehran.

IKA which is the abbreviation for Imam Khomeini Airport is located in the southeast of Tehran.

The airport is operated by Iran Airport Company and is owned by the government of Islamic Republic of Iran.

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General information about Imam Khomeini Airport

IKA Airport had been constructed before 1979 Iran’s revolution.

However, following the Iranian revolution the project was abandoned until the situation became stable and the government decided to start the project again.

It is the third busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic after Mehrabad and Mashhad airport.

More than six million passengers fly through IKA airport.

This large airport contains three terminals and the busiest routes are between countries like Turkey, Iraq, United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

If you plan to visit the beautiful country of Iran, you often arrive at IKA airport.

And there’s so many great amenities for you.

For example, ground transportations including Metro, high-speed rail and highway.

Additionally, you can find high-quality restaurants and coffee shops to take your energy back after a long flight.

Hotels in IKA airport

There are two over-the-top hotels located there which is owned by French corporation AccorHotels.

  • Novotel Hotel
  • Ibis-branded Hotel

A sky bridge passing through the metro station has connected these hotels to terminal one.

As soon as you arrive at any airports in different cities of Iran, you’re going to have exciting experiences, because you traveled to the friendliest country of all time.