ancient persian crown

One of the world’s famous collections of jewels

Throughout the history, kings had wanted to make their kingdoms look more powerful where they tried to etch an image of their dynasties into history’s eyes.

In order to do that, they make beautiful and dazzling crowns made with precious jewels like gems or diamonds.

You can also add a wide variety of other accessories like necklaces and rings to this category.

Various dynasties had ruled over Iran for more than two thousand years.

Additionally, Iran’s kingdoms were among the most powerful ones of all time.

So, you can imagine how big ancient Persian crown collection can be.

Although, Iranian crown jewels dates back to Safavid era.

Since then, many jewels have been stolen.

Fortunately, a lot of precious ones have been restored in national jewelry museum.

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Iran Crown Jewels Museum

Iran crown jewels museum which is known as the Treasury of National Jewels is located in Tehran

It housed within the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The windowless, concrete-walled vault with its own unique design of lighting intensify the beauty of the Persian crowns and jewels, making them even more mesmerizing.

According to Financial Tribune, no one can say how much the value of ancient Persian crown jewels are.

So, it’s better to take advantage of this opportunity and realize the power of Persian kingdoms, which is a reminder of the bittersweet memories of victories and failures.